Most Easiest Way to Root Any Android Device in 2017 – Supersu.Zip

There are several ways to Root an Android device. you can Root it with a computer or you can Root it without a can Root it by installing a pre rooted ROM on it. or you can do some advanced level stuff by running some scripts on advise to get it routed. but the quickest the easiest and the most straightforward way to do it virtually any Android device out there is with a custom recovery.

This is not a standalone process. you will need to have a custom recovery installed on your device. other than being easy quick and effective. this process will work with literally every Android device out there.

So let’s get started ..!!!

but before we get started let me show you that my device at this moment is not rooted. Let’s go ahead and confirm that. if I head over to the “root check app” which is a free app from PlayStore And as you can see it says my Samsung Galaxy S4 is not rooted. which means my device at this moment is unrooted.

Not rooted

So without any further do. let’s get first of all with below Link Download the supersu  zip file onto your device. it’s basically the thing that will get your device rooted.

Download Supersu Zip Root App

As simple as that.

it’s just one file which will work on every Android device out there. once the root package is downloaded onto your device. you will need to turn off your device and boot into your device custom recovery for that you will need to completely turn off your device. once your device is completely turned off you will need to boot into your device custom recovery.

Now for most Samsung devices its volume up + the home button + the power button pressed at the same time.

Once you see the boot animations release that. and it will take you to the custom device is running on the TWRP or TWRP custom recovery.

your device might be running on a different custom recovery like clockworkmod or Phil’s.but either ways the process from now on is same no matter what device you have or which custom recovery your device is running on.

Next up head over to the install option in your custom recovery. it’s usually located at the top and locate the file that you just downloaded. now since we downloaded the file directly from our device itself. it should be in the download folder. once you locate the root package. select it .and flash it on to your device the custom recovery will flash the file onto your device. it will take only a couple of seconds and as you can see it’s already done.

That was quick.

once the root package is flashed on your device. restart your device. if you had followed the instructions correctly and if the file was flashed properly. you will see a new app in the list which is the supersu app which means your device just got loaded.

but let’s go ahead and open it up as you can see. we have No binary update error which means this process was a big success.

Supersu Zip Flash

But let’s go ahead and confirm that by running the root check app.Grant the root permissions.


Rooted with supersu zip

As you can see my Samsung Galaxy s4 just got rooted.So yup there we have it. That’s the “most easiest way to root any Android device” out there.

again folks this method is a universal method which will work on any Android device out there. whether it’s a phone or a tablet provided that you have installed the custom recovery on your device. Now this is as easy as routing can get.

Routing can void your device warranty and it has its risks if done incorrectly. so proceed at your own risk. if you didn’t get any part of this article please read it again.

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Ultimate 7 Reasons – Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

Rooting the Android, why you should do it?

Android operating system is open source, versatile also it is customizable. Rooting the Android device is essential. Because, you will get lots of benefits. A normal Android phone is somewhat limited. But, you can escape from the bounded limitations from just doing a tiny and a simple thing.

You have to root the Android smartphone or the tab that you are using. There are so many tools for root. We recommend you to try the custom recovery tool. After rooting, you can manage the apps that need root access. Do this from the Supersu app.

The Supersu app is free and efficient. You can experience that the limitations, locks, blocks of the Android device are over. To enhance the quality of the rooted Android device, you can follow the below instructions. It will suggest you some apps. That app will ensure that the Android device is perfect.

Below, are the reasons why you should root the Android smartphone.

  1. Unlock the hidden features, then install the incompatible apps.

Android is an open source operating system. But, sometimes the operating system fails to give you some of the functionalities. It is somewhat bounded. Reason for these types of barriers are there. The creators of the app have blocked them, hacking attempts into the Android system files or the Android doesn’t provide the apps.

For these kind of questions, we have the answer. That is rooting.

With rooting, you can,

  •         Install the app creator blocked apps.
  •         Get the latest Android version features.
  •         Make the incompatible Android apps compatible.
  •         Boost the power of the hardware.
  •        Allow the Android to get quality features from other devices and phones, such as, Beats Audio.
  •         Emulate the exclusive features such as, Moto X.
  •         And lots more!
  1. Automate each and everything.

Tasker, an app for automate apps. Use the app on Android smartphone. Rooting is not essential to use this app. But, rooting is better. Because, the scope of the app is high. Now, Below are the tasks of the app,

  •         Toggling the 3G signal, GPS.
  •         Changing the speed of the CPU.
  •         Turn on the screen.
  •         Do root access required things.

Root the Android for more benefits.

  1. Boost the speed and life of battery on Android.

The process of Boosting the battery, extending the speed of the Android is always possible without root. But, with root, the power increases. Use the app setCPU, this will overlock the Android device for the better performance. Or else you can underlock for good battery life.

Greenify is another app to hibernate apps automatically. It will hibernate unused apps. Use this app to hibernate unused background apps.

  1. Block ads regarding any app.

There are so many occasional ads. people place ads to earn money. Those ads will drain the data on the Android device. Blocking those ads is the only solution. It will stop the draining data amount. There are apps to support block ads. Below are some of them.

  •         First of all, root the Android. It will give a push to block ads.
  •         Adfree.
  •         The Adblock plus.
  •         The Ad away.

Those apps are some of the best solutions. For non-rooted devices, staying in the airplane mode will help.

  1. Backing up data of the Android smartphone for the seamless transitions.

Users are excited to use new Android devices time to time. When you are choosing one, it is important to backup, protect and then restoring the data files of the old device. Otherwise, you have to reinstall all the apps, feed them data gain.

It is tiring and may consume a lot of time. Instead of that, you can store them in a safe place and get the use of it when you need. There are some apps to help the users to backup the data all together.

For non-rooted devices, you can backup few data and apps. But, you cannot backup the system apps, including the data. You cannot automate the whole process. But, titanium backup can. This is the well recommended app for backing up data on Android. Root the device, use this app and save time.

  1. Remove the pre-installed crapware.

Again, we recommend the titanium backup app for this task as well. The app will uninstall annoying apps, apps drains a lot of battery power, crapware that wastes space; some devices they are pre-installed. You should root the Android device to use the app.

First, freeze those apps, check whether you can operate the Android device without the apps, and if so delete them. This method will help the users to save space, the power of the CPU and also the battery life. You can feel the difference, right after you have uninstalled the unwanted apps.

  1. Tweak the Androids dark corners.

There are so many users who love to use all the features of Android. Those users have to root the Android. Rooting will allow you to customize the keyboard layout. You can use the app keyboard manager. Enable fast scrolling the Android device, enhance the ability of multi-tasking, use Pimp My ROM for extra themes.

Rooting the Android will allow you to tweak almost any corner of the Android device. Interested users can navigate to the XDA forum, check the mini-app, check the tweak.

We hope that this write up is helpful. Use these apps to get the maximum use of the Android.

How can you root an Android device with the Supersu Zip Pro app and the TWRP ?

The latest method to root using Supersu Zip Pro

The Supersu Zip Pro app has the ability to be used in the rooting process of the Android devices. Rooting is the only process where you can go further into the Android subsystem. Most of the time, you will encounter that, there are so many apps and the games that are available which seeks the root access permission to operate well.

SuperSu Zip Beta

Supersu Pro Zip allows the Android users to root the Android device easily. With root you can achieve more things regarding the Android device.

What is mean by rooting ?

Rooting is kind of dealing with the administrative environment of an Android device. Rooting breaks the barriers in an Android device. With root access, you can do several useful things.

Is there any warning regarding root ?

Security: when you root, the basic security of the apps will break.

Warranty: your Android device will lose its warranty after rooting is done

Bricking: after the warranty is gone or if anything goes wrong after the root, you cannot just fix it easily. You should do it at your own risk.

Steps to root with Supersu Pro app

There are reportedly many possible ways to root an Android device.

At the first step, you should unlock bootloader: Google or any manufacturer will not support rooting. You have to gain them by doing this step. Depending on the Android you use, this may either be difficult or easy.

Exploit the security vulnerability: so many devices are locked. Some of those devices cannot achieve the task of unlocking the bootloader. You can root them. But by discovering the security vulnerability of each device. You should install the subinary into it. You can use the OTA update for the process.

Flash CyanogenMod or Custom ROM: this includes a toggle. You can flash custom ROMs. You can either disable or enable the root access.

Flashing with Supersu Zip app

Supersu Pro Zip can be used once you have installed TWRP and unlocked the bootloader. The app will help to have the root access to the Android apps. You can download the app from our official site. This zip file can be used to flash along with the TWRP file.

First, download the Supersu Pro Zip app. Transfer the file to the Android device. Place them in the internal storage.

Now, you have to reboot the device, into the TWRP recovery mode. Hold power+ volume buttons. Choose recovery mode.

Navigate to the TWRP mode, click install button.

Make sure to backup the details.

Select the supersu file and tap it. Confirm flashing by swiping.

Wipe the cache and confirm by swiping.

After finishing, tap reboot system.

How to manage the permissions for root using supersu app?

If an app on your device needs the root access permission, it will ask through the supersu app with a prompt of request. You can either grant or deny the permission. It will ask for only once.

Download Superu Pro Apk

Download The Package of SuperSU Zip 2.79 in Marshmallow root

The Supersu Zip latest package from chainfire

The Supersu Zip app was created by the chainfire. This app was successfully updated on the 26th of February of 2017. The latest package for the supersu app is now available under the version numbering of 2.65. This specific release of the Android operating system helps the users to root their new Marshmallow 6.0 Android devices very easily.

Download : SuperSU Root Zip

For this, you have to go through flashing the Supersu Beta Zip of version 2.79 using the TWRP recovery tool. After the rooting process, the installed apps on your Android device will get the chance to access the root system of the Android device.

SuperSu Beta,Supersu Zip

Working with Supersu Zip app

Supersu Zip can be used to flash the latest Marshmallow 6.0 Android devices. Using the auto boot patcher, which was developed by the chinfire team, you can complete the root process simply and easily. This will also help the Android user to root the android Marshmallow 6.0 devices, also known as the Stock firmware, by flashing it using the Supersu Zip file.

You have to have a custom recovery file such as the TWRP file. This is for flash supersu app of 2.79 versions. This is a very simple process.

Meaning of supersu file

This is the latest tool for superuser management in Android devices. You should have a rooted device to use this app. This app allows to perform the advanced management of any superuser accessing permissions on the installed apps in any Android device. It manages the permissions management of apps which needs root.

For this update, you should run the stock Marshmallow Firmware update in your Android device.

How to do this ?

Download the supersu file, transfer to internal storage.

Boot the phone into TWRP.

Click install, flash the supersu file.

Reboot the device after flashing is completed.

Done. Now you can enjoy! Visit us for more interesting articles. We hope you are benefiting from this article.

Root Android Marshmallow

With the release of new marshmallow, the leading rooting developer team “Chainfire” released an update to their collection as SuperSU Beta. This can be named as a stunning version for Android users.
With the help of this new SuperSU Beta tool, users can root their devices easily. This is a complete user-friendly tool. But the rooting process is somewhat complex anyway you can use this tool without any doubt.

Before starting rooting process

When rooting your device you specially keep in mind to back up your device data. Because when you rooting your device sometimes you will lose your all data. Also you need to install custom recovery for your device; if you are installing the latest version of that you should have to get TWRP recovery to your device.


  Rooting Procedure:

– Flash/upgrade to Marshmallow

– Flash modified boot.img

– Flash/boot TWRP and sideload latest v2.50+

  Instructions before using SuperSU Root Beta

-Flash stock /system (and /vendor and /oem, if present)

-Flash the attached boot image

-Flash the attached SuperSU ZIP in TWRP

To download Latest SuperSU Root ZIP and for more details visit us

SuperSU Root Beta ZIP

SuperSU Beta Zip can be named as the super access management tool in the future. This is a another great invention by the leading root developing team “ChainfireSuperSU, CF Auto Root, FlashFire, Mobile Odin can be named as the leading tools that have been developed by Chainfire, which have millions of users among Android community. SuperSU Beta takes a major part among them. At late present “Chainfire” has developed SuperSU beta by developing the system partitions.


SuperSU Root for Android Marshmallow

With release of the new Marshmallow 6.0 to the public, the great “Chainfire” releases their new tool to root Android Marshmallow. This tool is still an experimental version. For the rooting process SuperSU Beta needs a modified boot image. At present the rooting process is much difficult because of new restrictions by Google policy. Anyway with help of SuperSU Beta you can root your Android device easily.

Benefits of SuperSU Root

  • A cleaner approach and design
  • Easy to unroot
  • An unlittered/system partition
  • Prevent unwanted things like “sugote”, which are not needed on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Easy OTA because of reflash boot image

For more details visit our official website