How can you root an Android device with the Supersu Zip Pro app and the TWRP ?

The latest method to root using Supersu Zip Pro

The Supersu Zip Pro app has the ability to be used in the rooting process of the Android devices. Rooting is the only process where you can go further into the Android subsystem. Most of the time, you will encounter that, there are so many apps and the games that are available which seeks the root access permission to operate well.

SuperSu Zip Beta

Supersu Pro Zip allows the Android users to root the Android device easily. With root you can achieve more things regarding the Android device.

What is mean by rooting ?

Rooting is kind of dealing with the administrative environment of an Android device. Rooting breaks the barriers in an Android device. With root access, you can do several useful things.

Is there any warning regarding root ?

Security: when you root, the basic security of the apps will break.

Warranty: your Android device will lose its warranty after rooting is done

Bricking: after the warranty is gone or if anything goes wrong after the root, you cannot just fix it easily. You should do it at your own risk.

Steps to root with Supersu Pro app

There are reportedly many possible ways to root an Android device.

At the first step, you should unlock bootloader: Google or any manufacturer will not support rooting. You have to gain them by doing this step. Depending on the Android you use, this may either be difficult or easy.

Exploit the security vulnerability: so many devices are locked. Some of those devices cannot achieve the task of unlocking the bootloader. You can root them. But by discovering the security vulnerability of each device. You should install the subinary into it. You can use the OTA update for the process.

Flash CyanogenMod or Custom ROM: this includes a toggle. You can flash custom ROMs. You can either disable or enable the root access.

Flashing with Supersu Zip app

Supersu Pro Zip can be used once you have installed TWRP and unlocked the bootloader. The app will help to have the root access to the Android apps. You can download the app from our official site. This zip file can be used to flash along with the TWRP file.

First, download the Supersu Pro Zip app. Transfer the file to the Android device. Place them in the internal storage.

Now, you have to reboot the device, into the TWRP recovery mode. Hold power+ volume buttons. Choose recovery mode.

Navigate to the TWRP mode, click install button.

Make sure to backup the details.

Select the supersu file and tap it. Confirm flashing by swiping.

Wipe the cache and confirm by swiping.

After finishing, tap reboot system.

How to manage the permissions for root using supersu app?

If an app on your device needs the root access permission, it will ask through the supersu app with a prompt of request. You can either grant or deny the permission. It will ask for only once.

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