Most Easiest Way to Root Any Android Device in 2017 – Supersu.Zip

There are several ways to Root an Android device. you can Root it with a computer or you can Root it without a can Root it by installing a pre rooted ROM on it. or you can do some advanced level stuff by running some scripts on advise to get it routed. but the quickest the easiest and the most straightforward way to do it virtually any Android device out there is with a custom recovery.

This is not a standalone process. you will need to have a custom recovery installed on your device. other than being easy quick and effective. this process will work with literally every Android device out there.

So let’s get started ..!!!

but before we get started let me show you that my device at this moment is not rooted. Let’s go ahead and confirm that. if I head over to the “root check app” which is a free app from PlayStore And as you can see it says my Samsung Galaxy S4 is not rooted. which means my device at this moment is unrooted.

Not rooted

So without any further do. let’s get first of all with below Link Download the supersu  zip file onto your device. it’s basically the thing that will get your device rooted.

Download Supersu Zip Root App

As simple as that.

it’s just one file which will work on every Android device out there. once the root package is downloaded onto your device. you will need to turn off your device and boot into your device custom recovery for that you will need to completely turn off your device. once your device is completely turned off you will need to boot into your device custom recovery.

Now for most Samsung devices its volume up + the home button + the power button pressed at the same time.

Once you see the boot animations release that. and it will take you to the custom device is running on the TWRP or TWRP custom recovery.

your device might be running on a different custom recovery like clockworkmod or Phil’s.but either ways the process from now on is same no matter what device you have or which custom recovery your device is running on.

Next up head over to the install option in your custom recovery. it’s usually located at the top and locate the file that you just downloaded. now since we downloaded the file directly from our device itself. it should be in the download folder. once you locate the root package. select it .and flash it on to your device the custom recovery will flash the file onto your device. it will take only a couple of seconds and as you can see it’s already done.

That was quick.

once the root package is flashed on your device. restart your device. if you had followed the instructions correctly and if the file was flashed properly. you will see a new app in the list which is the supersu app which means your device just got loaded.

but let’s go ahead and open it up as you can see. we have No binary update error which means this process was a big success.

Supersu Zip Flash

But let’s go ahead and confirm that by running the root check app.Grant the root permissions.


Rooted with supersu zip

As you can see my Samsung Galaxy s4 just got rooted.So yup there we have it. That’s the “most easiest way to root any Android device” out there.

again folks this method is a universal method which will work on any Android device out there. whether it’s a phone or a tablet provided that you have installed the custom recovery on your device. Now this is as easy as routing can get.

Routing can void your device warranty and it has its risks if done incorrectly. so proceed at your own risk. if you didn’t get any part of this article please read it again.

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