Ultimate 7 Reasons – Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

Rooting the Android, why you should do it?

Android operating system is open source, versatile also it is customizable. Rooting the Android device is essential. Because, you will get lots of benefits. A normal Android phone is somewhat limited. But, you can escape from the bounded limitations from just doing a tiny and a simple thing.

You have to root the Android smartphone or the tab that you are using. There are so many tools for root. We recommend you to try the custom recovery tool. After rooting, you can manage the apps that need root access. Do this from the Supersu app.

The Supersu app is free and efficient. You can experience that the limitations, locks, blocks of the Android device are over. To enhance the quality of the rooted Android device, you can follow the below instructions. It will suggest you some apps. That app will ensure that the Android device is perfect.

Below, are the reasons why you should root the Android smartphone.

  1. Unlock the hidden features, then install the incompatible apps.

Android is an open source operating system. But, sometimes the operating system fails to give you some of the functionalities. It is somewhat bounded. Reason for these types of barriers are there. The creators of the app have blocked them, hacking attempts into the Android system files or the Android doesn’t provide the apps.

For these kind of questions, we have the answer. That is rooting.

With rooting, you can,

  •         Install the app creator blocked apps.
  •         Get the latest Android version features.
  •         Make the incompatible Android apps compatible.
  •         Boost the power of the hardware.
  •        Allow the Android to get quality features from other devices and phones, such as, Beats Audio.
  •         Emulate the exclusive features such as, Moto X.
  •         And lots more!
  1. Automate each and everything.

Tasker, an app for automate apps. Use the app on Android smartphone. Rooting is not essential to use this app. But, rooting is better. Because, the scope of the app is high. Now, Below are the tasks of the app,

  •         Toggling the 3G signal, GPS.
  •         Changing the speed of the CPU.
  •         Turn on the screen.
  •         Do root access required things.

Root the Android for more benefits.

  1. Boost the speed and life of battery on Android.

The process of Boosting the battery, extending the speed of the Android is always possible without root. But, with root, the power increases. Use the app setCPU, this will overlock the Android device for the better performance. Or else you can underlock for good battery life.

Greenify is another app to hibernate apps automatically. It will hibernate unused apps. Use this app to hibernate unused background apps.

  1. Block ads regarding any app.

There are so many occasional ads. people place ads to earn money. Those ads will drain the data on the Android device. Blocking those ads is the only solution. It will stop the draining data amount. There are apps to support block ads. Below are some of them.

  •         First of all, root the Android. It will give a push to block ads.
  •         Adfree.
  •         The Adblock plus.
  •         The Ad away.

Those apps are some of the best solutions. For non-rooted devices, staying in the airplane mode will help.

  1. Backing up data of the Android smartphone for the seamless transitions.

Users are excited to use new Android devices time to time. When you are choosing one, it is important to backup, protect and then restoring the data files of the old device. Otherwise, you have to reinstall all the apps, feed them data gain.

It is tiring and may consume a lot of time. Instead of that, you can store them in a safe place and get the use of it when you need. There are some apps to help the users to backup the data all together.

For non-rooted devices, you can backup few data and apps. But, you cannot backup the system apps, including the data. You cannot automate the whole process. But, titanium backup can. This is the well recommended app for backing up data on Android. Root the device, use this app and save time.

  1. Remove the pre-installed crapware.

Again, we recommend the titanium backup app for this task as well. The app will uninstall annoying apps, apps drains a lot of battery power, crapware that wastes space; some devices they are pre-installed. You should root the Android device to use the app.

First, freeze those apps, check whether you can operate the Android device without the apps, and if so delete them. This method will help the users to save space, the power of the CPU and also the battery life. You can feel the difference, right after you have uninstalled the unwanted apps.

  1. Tweak the Androids dark corners.

There are so many users who love to use all the features of Android. Those users have to root the Android. Rooting will allow you to customize the keyboard layout. You can use the app keyboard manager. Enable fast scrolling the Android device, enhance the ability of multi-tasking, use Pimp My ROM for extra themes.

Rooting the Android will allow you to tweak almost any corner of the Android device. Interested users can navigate to the XDA forum, check the mini-app, check the tweak.

We hope that this write up is helpful. Use these apps to get the maximum use of the Android.

SuperSU Root Beta ZIP

SuperSU Beta Zip can be named as the super access management tool in the future. This is a another great invention by the leading root developing team “ChainfireSuperSU, CF Auto Root, FlashFire, Mobile Odin can be named as the leading tools that have been developed by Chainfire, which have millions of users among Android community. SuperSU Beta takes a major part among them. At late present “Chainfire” has developed SuperSU beta by developing the system partitions.


SuperSU Root for Android Marshmallow

With release of the new Marshmallow 6.0 to the public, the great “Chainfire” releases their new tool to root Android Marshmallow. This tool is still an experimental version. For the rooting process SuperSU Beta needs a modified boot image. At present the rooting process is much difficult because of new restrictions by Google policy. Anyway with help of SuperSU Beta you can root your Android device easily.

Benefits of SuperSU Root

  • A cleaner approach and design
  • Easy to unroot
  • An unlittered/system partition
  • Prevent unwanted things like “sugote”, which are not needed on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Easy OTA because of reflash boot image

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